WebAuth provides web-based authentication, a frequently used feature in any web-based application. It is fully J2EE-compliant and can be easily plugged into any J2EE application. The design is based on Struts 1.1, Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2. It has been tested on Tomcat 4.1 with MySQL or Oracle.


Login is a process of authentication. WebAuth provides web-based login via username and password. Once a user successfully logs in, a user session is created. A user session corresponds to an HttpSession. Therefore, the timeout period can be configured through application servers.

Logout is a process of making the current user session invalid.

Change Password
Users can change their passwords once logged in. WebAuth provides standard validations, such as checking required fields, detecting the correctness of the old password, comparing new password against old password, validating the minimum and maximum length of the new password, and finding system errors.

Add User
User objects can be stored in database via this feature.

Remove User
User objects can be deleted from database via this feature.